BAM Model Correlations

Port Douglas, QLD

NRS conducted a bathymetric survey off the coast of Port Douglas, QLD. The survey area was 500km at a resolution of 30m using multi-spectral satellite imagery from LANDSAT 8. The model-retrieved depths were correlated against soundings from AUS 831.


Port Moresby, PNG
A Study for JBP Scientists & Engineers, Australia

NRS conducted a bathymetric survey of the shallow waters around Port Moresby, PNG. Over 200km  was surveyed at a resolution of 15m using a combination of LANDSAT 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery. 


The percentage relative error estimates of the BAM-modelled remote sensing reflectance (Rrs). 

Farasan Islands, Red Sea
A Study for WKC Group, UAE

NRS delivered over 2000km  of satellite derived bathymetry at a resolution of 15m around the shallow waters of the Farasan Islands in the Red Sea.  The results of the modelling survey correlated reasonably well with various nautical charts in the region. 


Scatter plot of BAM model depths with nautical chart soundings. 

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