Satellite Derived Bathymetry

The NRS proprietary, physics-based model, BAM, for satellite-derived bathymetry provides a cost-effective and fast solution for the estimation of water depth in optically shallow waters. The cost is typically less than 5% of a traditional survey. 


Satellite bathymetry is borderless solution which can chart restricted and disputed regions that would be otherwise impractical to survey. Surveying via remote sensing is carbon neutral and unlike a traditional side scan sonar survey, it has no capacity to impact marine life.


By leveraging high performance computing techniques, NRS can complete large-scale surveys for time sensitive projects. 


BAM has been validated in the Gulf region where a mean relative error of 25.5% was computed against 9 digitised nautical charts of various age, scale and survey techniques. 

Sea Floor Classification

A central component of the BAM model is the estimation of the sea floor reflectance. This reflectance can be mapped and used to create a benthic habitat map. 

Water Quality Monitoring

The BAM model uses a semi-analytical scheme to estimate water quality. Which can, for example, be used to track turbidity, chlorophyll-a, water pollution or algae blooms. The model can also estimate Secchi disk depth and diffuse attenuation coefficients. 

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